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  172 - An Actor's Life for Me  
  An Actor's Life for Me  
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24/11/09 Thinking about phalluses more than you might imagine
Much thought was put into which of the following are funnier/more convincing dialogue: "Giant phalluses", "Comedy phallus" or "Giant comedy phallus". Anyway, yeah, that's my excuse for the comic being late. Also, I know the preferred plural is "phalli", but figured it was already an obscure enough word without throwing confusing plurals into the mix.

But wait... there's more. I've finally got around to making cast pages for Melanippe's fangirls... plus another mystery character! Who could it be? You can solve this mystery by going over to the cast page and having a look.

Next time: Jokes about Greek theatre that don't involve penises (barring a last-minute rewrite).
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