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  170 - Vampyros Lesbos  
  Vampyros Lesbos  
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16/11/09 Hmm...
Well, there's something I bet you didn't expect to see today. I'm referring to Melanippe's fans, of course, and not the fact that it's a timely update! Ho ho. I do amuse myself sometimes.

Even though some of the art seems a little simplistic, I'm uncharacteristically happy with how this comic turned out. Maybe this is the kind of the comic that's more enjoyable for me than it is for the average reader (Melanippe varies her expression so rarely, and getting to draw a truly "surprised" face after all this time was fun for me).

I was going to talk a bit about the fans and their 'modified' designs, but on reflection I think that would be more suited to accompany the next comic. So, until then!
  I'm going to put the chess set in the fire!  
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