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  164 - Chorus Lines  
  Chorus Lines  
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03/08/09 Anachronism stew
When I first decided to have a subplot in which Belanidi becomes an actor, I didn't actually realise just how undeveloped the theatre was in the time period of this comic. It'd be another hundred years before the rules of Greek drama were hammered out, and nobody seems to be absolutely certain how it worked back in the early 6th century BC. Theatre evolved from poetry readings, and so in the earliest Greek dramas, the chorus did most or all of the talking, while actors were a very new concept. While my depiction contains a bit of conjecture, I think it's a reasonable stab at depicting theatre as it existed at the time.

Or Greek theatre, anyway. Based on Belanidi's reaction, perhaps Celtic theatre was closer to our current model. Or Amazon theatre? I've never really thought about Amazon actors, and maybe it's best not to...

In other news, I'm very excited to announce that Amazoness! will soon be available in another language, and that other language is Hungarian! This is all thanks to Ross, the creator of the Hungarian-language comic Sziluett. All being well, the Hungarian Amazoness! will start appearing next month!
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