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  163 - Cultural Exchange  
  Cultural Exchange  
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28/07/09 Us and thee, you and we
Not much to say about this one, although it was nice to draw Hypsipyle again. The scene of the Amazons getting drunk was a last minute idea, but on reflection it's almost certainly the best thing about the comic...

Incidentally, the names Melanippe mentions might look like they come from a sub-par Tolkien rip-off, but I did base them off Old Norse. Well, strictly speaking, Melanippe's native language would pre-date Old Norse, but there are no surviving records of whatever it might have been. Ah, what am I apologising for? People tend not to complain about my routine butchering of the Greek language, so I can probably get away with this too...

I'm working on a few bits and pieces for the site: the fangirls will eventually have their own character pages, and I've been colouring a new cast picture I've had half-drawn for about six months. So... expect to see some of that soon. Perhaps not imminently, though. You know me better than that.

  This is the last time I organise a group suicide for you lot!  
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