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  162 - Love is Deaf  
  Love is Deaf  
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25/07/09 Us and thee, you and we
This comic was fun to write, especially since bad romantic poetry comes very naturally to me. In case you're curious, my style tends to veer more towards the third example on display here. I mentioned to a few people that I was planning a comic with poetry in it, and I fear they may have been expecting something less dreadful. So... sorry about that. For the record, my favourite bit of romantic poetry is Byron's She Walks in Beauty, which remains beautiful despite my recently discovering he probably wrote it while lusting after his cousin.

The auction ended last night, and it looks to have been a success! A good amount was raised, although I'll leave it up to Jay, the organiser, to make announcements and such. There was a problem that prevented people outside the US from bidding (at least for most of the week) and I'm sorry for not spotting it sooner. Still, I'm hopeful that there'll be another auction next year, and if so, you can bet I'll be doing more parodies of obscure Victorian painters.

Finally, I added some more comics to the links section! Say hello to DAR - which contains naughtiness - and Ugly Girl and Gothy Beans - which, well, don't. Also, Venus Envy seems to be updating again, which is awesome.

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