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  160 - The Accidental Idol  
  The Accidental Idol  
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18/07/09 Something beginning with T
Hey guys, the charity auction starts on Monday! So if you'd like to bid on my ludicrous tribute to Lawrence Alma-Tadema, you're in luck! On Monday, I'll be updating the front page with a direct link to my particular auction.

LGBT Webcomic Charity Art Auction

You may also notice some curious business off to the side there (unless you're reading this in the archives, in which case, you... well, won't). I've joined Twitter, and so I'm sticking a little box on the front page to see how it works out. If it turns out that I abandon Twitter as quickly as I abandoned Livejournal and Facebook, I'll quietly throw it away and we'll say no more about it. Until then, if you want to follow me, my Twitter-name-ID-thing is Amazoness_comic (yeah, someone already had Amazoness). Interestingness is not guaranteed.
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