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  159 - Solon, Farewell  
  Solon, Farewell  
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13/07/09 This is what passes for satire in this comic
Ah, Solon, Solon, Solon. I'd wanted to do something with him ever since I realised that he was around during the time period I chose for this comic. I even considered giving him a recurring role in this chapter, but unfortunately the only scene I ever came up with for him was... well, the one you see above.

I'm probably being a little unfair to Solon with this comic... He was enormously progressive and fair-minded for his time, and would go on to basically run Athens after the previous government made a horrendous mess of things. And hey, even within this comic, he's almost certainly the most courageous male character we've seen so far. At least, I think that's courage...

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