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  156 - It Bites  
  It Bites  
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29/06/09 Fluorescent Dream Beams
More biting-related fun here. I wish I had more to say about these latest comics, because this news section is routinely becoming very empty...

I've made one or two changes to the links section though, pruning one or two comics that I don't really read anymore, and adding one new one, namely the... uh... interesting Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy. If you haven't read it, it's written by somebody even more upfront about their love of big girls than I am. There's also some - shall we say - naughtiness, just in case that is/isn't your thing.

I may yet remove more stuff from the links section. I dunno... much as I enjoy Penny Arcade, there's something slightly pathetic about a tiny comic like mine that nobody's heard of linking to a hugely successful comic that everybody's heard of. It doesn't really achieve anything. I'd sooner have people use the page to discover little-known gems like Boobs Ahoy!, or even moderately-known gems like PAWN (Incidentally, both of those comics contain naughtiness aplenty. Maybe I'm just in the mood for gratuitous nudity right now...).
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