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  Goddess Gift  
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08/06/09 Small victories
Aaargh, that bit with Sappho reaching out of the window was hard to get right, which explains why I... didn't really get it right? Still, the close-up of her worked well with the background gradient for some reason.

But enough of this predictable fretting. Today, the site celebrates 150 comics! It's a big day, if you ignore the fact that such anniversaries are mere artefacts of our base ten numerical system combined with the human compulsion to search for meaning where no meaning exists. So try to ignore that if you can. I can't, I'm afraid, but that's just how my mind works.

I was also going to link to a few newly-discovered comics today, but one of them appears to be down... so I'll hold off on that until next time, I suppose.

Hmm. That will be all for now...
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