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  145 - The Play's the Thing to Avoid  
  The Play's the Thing to Avoid  
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21/03/09 Here in the hall of heads...
This comic is a bit late, for which I apologise. It's also one I feel quite conflicted towards. I'm not fond of the ending, as it was one of those comics that I just couldn't think of a decent punchline/conclusion for. That said, the first four panels are some of my favourite bits of art that I've done recently. As you can almost certainly tell, panel three is an edited version of panel one - I actually drew in the new eyes and mouth using a mouse, which is something I'm generally pretty horrible at... As it turned out, though, I like the mouse-drawn expression better than the properly drawn one.

Anyway, the main reason for the delay was that I was revamping the Cast page. That long row of heads was getting difficult to navigate, and so I've split it into three, as well as adding two new characters. That third category is only going to keep getting bigger...
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