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  144 - On the Origin of Speciousness  
  On the Origin of Speciousness  
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16/03/09 Now there's a funny thing.
This comic carries particular irony given that it follows one that was full of silly innuendo. It's also slightly indebted to Lynne Truss' excellent Acropolis Now, a radio sitcom set in Ancient Athens. A major character in the show was a playwright, and much fun was had with the ridiculously bawdy nature of Ancient Greek comedies. This comic also falls into the category of "comics that wouldn't really make sense if they were actually in the language they're supposed to be in."

Anyway, perhaps it's fitting that I chose today of all days to submit my comic to Family Webcomics, which categorises webcomics into age-appropriate categories. I'm somewhat lukewarm on the whole business of classification, fundamentally flawed as it is, but FWC is a noble effort for the right reasons. As of right now, with nine comics on the list, mine is the highest rated comic on the site. I feel like the naughtiest kid in the class. I can also now say that this comic is suitable for ages fourteen and up. I'd actually have picked thirteen as the cut-off point, but that wasn't an option. People under fourteen are too impressionable to safely read this comic: it might inspire them to kill men and enslave their neighbours, and I really don't want to be held responsible for that.
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