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  143 - Entente Discordiale  
  Entente Discordiale  
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13/03/09 With apologies to... er... everyone, really.
On the one hand, this is almost certainly my filthiest comic to date (despite it merely consisting of two girls standing next to a window). On the other hand, you'd have to think that the Queen of the Amazons and history's most famous lesbian could come up with something saucier to do than a bit of spanking. My penchant for absurdist innuendo shows here too... although I'm certain I'm not the first person to use the word 'portfolio' in a faux-sexual context.

Amongst the usual mediocre artwork that I slightly dislike but end up assembling into a comic anyway, there are a few bits that I actually quite like. It's so much easier not to suck when the comic only involves people standing around and talking...

Also! A new vote button is up to replace the one from Buzzcomix, which appears to be permanently dead now. Say hello to WebcomicZ! This is a newer listings site with, I think, a smaller userbase, which suggests that the same number of votes would get me higher up the rankings, thus inflating my self esteem without me actually having to work harder. Sounds good!
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