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  141 - The Amazon-Lesbian Chronicles  
  The Amazon-Lesbian Chronicles  
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06/03/09 Yep, still sucking...
Oh, ye of little faith. See? I did make this update on time. So what if I ended up posting it very late in the day... and had a longer than usual time to do it? Stop looking at me like that!

Today's comic is mostly about exposition, of the "What the crap are we doing on Lesbos anyway?" variety. Somehow, these little bits of backstory always seem very simple and concise until I try to slot them into the comic... at which point, they instantly become needlessly complicated and wordy. The consolation is that I got to depict Amazon diplomatic history in cute chibi form, while at the same time proving that John McCain used to be a Lydian envoy (Honestly, the character didn't start out that way, but once I realised who I'd drawn, I ended up going with it...).
  I say we're gonna make a killing. I mean... a drowning. I mean money.  
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