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  139 - The Tenth Muse  
  The Tenth Muse  
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12/02/09 Doing little to improve my reputation
This comic was actually supposed to be up on Monday. Then Tuesday, and... well, you get the idea.

A while ago, I discovered a review of the comic that, amongst other criticisms, lamented the fact that all of the women in my comic are fairly... masculine. It's not a bug, it's a feature! It should also be said that said review also contained the comment "I thought this comic would be about sexy Amazons fighting," so perhaps the reviewer wasn't quite in my target audience to begin with. But if masculine girls in this comic are a problem, Sappho's only going to make it worse...

A long time ago, when puzzling over how to depict Sappho, I stumbled across a description of her that said she was "small and dark". This amused me since it was so different to the various depictions I'd seen of her, which all showed a tall, idealised but rather generic woman in Greek-ish costume. Somehow, this idea of Sappho as tiny and dark snowballed into her becoming a sort of proto-butch. She was even more butch in some early designs, before I decided I really couldn't justify the inclusion of pants 2000 years before they came to Europe. Although a lot of he costumes you're seeing in this chapter are probably quite inaccurate, and a lot of the clothing was unisex anyway, what she's wearing in this comic is pretty much the most masculine outfit I could conceivably give her. It's a lot easier to be butch nowadays, hmm?
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