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  138 - Poetry in Motion  
  Poetry in Motion  
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05/02/09 Well, it's getting better...
I'm still not quite getting these updates out on time, but the protracted intervals are getting shorter. That's progress, right? Kind of?

This comic... Hmm. It's a necessary one story-wise, but I'm not too fond of the punchline. I think I've done the "people get freaked out by Amazons" thing enough already. On the positive side... continuity! Most of my early comics were sort of conceived as one-off gag strips to introduce the characters, but a lot of them have since been referenced by the continuing story. Also, I quite like the design of the 'guide' introduced in this comic. Her name is Harmonia, and we'll be seeing more of her later in the chapter!

Meanwhile, in news you don't care about... My Pokédex has expanded by quite a bit since the last update. I got a Darkrai (Thanks, Pokémon Ranger, you have now served your purpose), but I'm more excited by the awesome Gardevoir I bred. She is so awesome. Yeah, anyway, see you next time...
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