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  137 - Keep the Secret, You're Going to Need It  
  Keep the Secret, You're Going to Need It  
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27/01/09 Sneak, sneak, sneak...
A...hem. That was maybe a less auspicious return than I'd initially hoped for. Must try harder next time...

My main thoughts on this page - other than the fact that I actually put one of my ugly horses in, just as I was dared to - is that it's turned out quite Azumanga-ish when it comes to Ekphobippe's expressions. Kiyohiko Azuma  is, admittedly, the manga artist I emulate most (I love Kosuke Fujishima too, but his stuff is waaaay too complex for me to even approach) but the episodes I watched recently must have rubbed off on me, if the second-to-last panel is anything to go by.

Oh yeah... I caught a Phanpy for my Pokédex. See? I've been busy!
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