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  136 - Here at Last  
  Here at Last  
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22/12/08 Bells
Well, I'm back at last. Sorry for another unexplained outage so soon after the last one. Some interesting things have been happening to me recently (well, interesting for me, probably less so for you), and unfortunately they meant that the comic got put to one side briefly. Anyway, I'm back now, with an admittedly less-than-satisfying return strip. Two panels, George? Really?

There's more, though! I've started a new section on the Extras page, which will contain remnants of my older work. I've no idea how interesting this will prove to be for the casual reader, but it does give visitors the opportunity to look upon my magnificent failures of the past. There's only one project up there at the moment, but it's one of my larger ones. For a long time I was obsessed by those staples of anime, catgirls, and got a fair way into producing a spoof anthropological website about a newly-discovered race of catgirls. It was mainly a framework in which I'd be able to produce catgirl-related art. It would have been a bit like the Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls, only with worse art and more pretentiousness. All of the art was done with coloured pencil, and most of the backgrounds were photos I took myself in the grounds of the university I was working at back then. Looking back now, my art was a lot less stylised at this point, and most of the figures are quite generically anime-like, rather than the kinds I mostly concern myself with today... heh. That said, I think some of the art is pretty good. I actually thought of myself as a pretty good artist before I started this comic... but as I discovered, it's easy to pretend you're good when you have the luxury of rejecting the nine pictures out of ten that go wrong. Working on a comic requires a schedule (yes, I am aware of this) and as such, you can't be quite so picky about which art you end up using.

Also, in a moment of silliness, I was inspired to put my current Pokédex up for all to see. I've been playing Pokémon Diamond for about a year now, on and off, and it's nothing if not a game that appeals to my obsessive compulsive tendencies. While it's unlikely that anyone reading this will actually be interested in trading, feel free to let me know if you are - There's not much I'm desperate for now apart from the last three, but trading is still fun anyway. Meanwhile I'm going to silly lengths to breed and train an awesome team... effort that will probably be in vain, since I insist on using Pokémon that I think are cute? My favourites? #241 and #303. So cute!
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