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  133 - Night Boat to Lesbos  
  Night Boat to Lesbos  
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15/12/08 Self-flagellation
Yeah. Sorry about that. I haven't been too well, which has held up the updates. And when I miss updates, I feel guilty, which makes me want to avoid the site until I've got my act together, which means I promise updates soon and then seem to disappear. This is a great system, I know. So here's a new comic at last. Sorry it's not a better one. By way of apology for my absence, I plan to whip myself naked through the streets of Cantebury later this week. By a happy coincidence, I was planning on doing that even before this came up.

Don't feel bad for cajoling me for my lack of updates... if anything, it's heartening to know people actually care enough about the comic to prod me.
  rrrrrrrrrrrIK! mmmmmBECKMAHAHAHAAAN!  
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