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  130 - Wisdom  
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17/11/08 Today's word is "folderol"
This comic has a lot more unused space than I intended. I need to find a middle ground between this and my usual overcrowding.

At some point I need to go into more detail about Xanthippe (she was first mentioned here, for anyone baffled by this comic). I have a surprisingly detailed life story for her worked out in my head, but I'm not sure if it'll ever see the light of day because it's profoundly unfunny. Not that the details really matter - her function in the comic is as a sort of folk hero, legend type of character. Probably the more non-specific I am with her, the better.

The next comic will be the final one for this chapter! Are you excited yet?
  Why would we invoke a non-specific deity to bail out these unelected spongers?  
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