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  13 - Slight Return  
  Slight Return  
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  22/06/07 Coming up over the next page...  
Horse number two, there. Yep, they're already getting uglier.

One ill-advised flashback later, we're back with the business at hand. The plot is upon us, and not even Ekphobippe's procrastination can stop it now! When writing a story webcomic, it's good to have jokes in it, because coming back each update for the latest microscopic advance in plot is hardly worth bothering with. Of course, jokes also take up more space, thus slowing the plot down further. I suppose you can't win...

Incidentally, the name of this story arc that we're slowly trundling into is "The Beast of Themiskyra". I haven't used this title anywhere yet, since it's effectively meaningless right now, and will most likely remain so for at least another ten comics. Eventually, story arcs will be listed separately on the Archive page... but we're a long, long way off that...

One thing that will be added soon - in the next update, in fact, is an addition to the neglected "About" section. Marvel as I actually answer an FAQ (well... alright, it was asked once, but that counts as frequent given the size of my readership), and explain, with the aid of pretty pictures, just how a comic is produced. So come back on Monday for what might just be my nerdiest and most esoteric update yet...
  That's a... weird thing for a chicken to do.  
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