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  123 - Love is Love is Love is Love  
  Love is Love is Love is Love  
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06/10/08 Chelmsford's Number
So, it turns out Aphrodite's 'biography', especially the myths dealing with her conception and birth, are pretty damn weird. Still, everything in the above comic is based on fact (and by fact I mean... er... you know, myth).

The thing about the Olympian Gods, and, indeed, the Gods of polytheistic religions in general, is that they generally represent archetypes. Extremes. A single facet of human nature taken to utter excess. So really, it's no wonder they argue so much. It also makes life easy for lazy writers like me, since they're pretty much pre-characterised. Aphrodite represents love: she's cheery, impulsive, dim, superficial, but ultimately sincere. Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, represents a slightly more nebulous concept, but the stories about her give us a good idea of her character: a slightly antisocial type with a mild disdain for romance, who I perceive as viewing the antics of the other Gods with a sort of quiet despair. She also really, really hated loudmouths and showoffs.

I'm still working on Aphrodite's character page, I'm afraid. Next time, maybe?
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