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  122 - The Gods Must Be Crazy  
  The Gods Must Be Crazy  
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29/09/08 If you think all batteries are the same, consider this: They pretty much are
I have a character page for Aphrodite pretty much ready, but I wanted to just get this comic up instead of delaying it while I tinkered around with my badly-written HTML. So with luck, it'll be up at the end of the week instead.

The two goddesses we see here - Artemis and Aphrodite - were amongst my earliest ideas for the comic. I'll talk more about their personalities next time, but right now I'll say a bit about their designs. We have a lot more famous illustrations of Aphrodite/Venus than we do of Artemis/Diana... so I had preconceived ideas of what Aphrodite was supposed to look like, whereas Artemis was more or less a blank slate. Indeed, the Aphrodite in this comic is pretty blatantly based on Botticelli's Birth of Venus, while Artemis sprung entirely from my own head. Aphrodite only gave me problems insofar as that she's supposed to be very beautiful, and beauty is a ridiculously subjective concept that no two people could ever agree on. I could have tried portraying her as my ideal of beauty, but then we'd have two Melanippes running around the comic and it would get confusing. So I went with Botticelli's famous imagining of her. This did have the effect of making her look markedly less otherworldly than Artemis (they both have the glowing eyes and watercolour-y effect on their robes, but I think Artemis' colouration, her hair in particular, makes her look less 'human'). So on a strange whim today I decided to change the colour of Aphrodite's text. I'm not sure how on Earth this would apply to an actual conversation... Her voice is pink somehow? Maybe she induces synaesthesia in everyone she talks to.

So, next time I'll hopefully have Aphrodite's character page up, and maybe I'll have added something useful to Artemis' page. Incidentally, I've been thinking for a while now of having a section on the site which is basically a repository for all the non-Amazoness! bits and pieces I've produced over the years. It might be interesting, if only because it'll give people the chance to see the same few basic ideas repeated again and again in everything I've ever done! Wooo!
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