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  120 - You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties  
  You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties  
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17/09/08 Oh my goodness
Hey all, I just want to apologise for another later-than-usual update. It has been a pretty bad week. Okay, a very bad week. This week has been amongst the suckiest of all weeks.

Well, okay, apart from one thing.


Eutropia by dedmerath!

Seriously, this is awesome. This picture of Eutropia is by shoutboxer Elith, also known as dedmerath over on DeviantArt (perhaps because every conceivable username is already taken? Seriously, I signed up there once and it took me about ten tries to think of a name that wasn't used). Anyway, words can't describe how thrilled I was with this. It puts my art to shame, that's for sure. Let us all thank Elith for making my crappy week less crappy!
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