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  12 - Cyrene's Odyssey, Part Two  
  Cyrene's Odyssey, Part Two  
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  18/06/07 Wait... what?  
This was one of the earliest strips that I came up with, and is indicative of how a little research can ruin a carefully planned joke. You see, I originally wanted to have the boat stumble upon the Easter Island statues under construction. So, I went and looked up the history of the statues, figuring that as long as they dated to roughly the same era as Cyrene and company, I'd probably get away with it. It turns out that the buggers weren't built until the eleventh century AD. A discrepancy of over one and a half millennia was too much, even for me, and so I decided to replace the statues with a 'coming soon' sign, on the basis that, well, builders do tend to take their time over these things. Which is fair enough, I suppose. Except that Easter Island almost certainly wasn't inhabited in the seventh century BC. And even if it was, I'm guessing the inhabitants wouldn't have referred to it as 'Easter Island', or spoken modern-day English. All of these concerns over a strip whose basic premise - that of a group of non-seafaring Amazons traversing most of the world's oceans in a small, crappy Greek boat -  is pretty much impossible anyway...

At this point, I'm dangerously close to flat out telling you that you should dislike this comic, so I'll counter that with a positive statement: this comic marks the very first time that I have successfully drawn a horse. It's not a spectacular horse by any means, but it does vaguely resemble what it's supposed to be, which is major progress for my horse-impaired self. You see, I have never been able to draw horses, and yet for some reason I decided to produce a comic about Amazons, who were literally horse mad. I mean, a lot of them were even named after horses (all of those with 'Hippo-' or ''-ippe' in their names, both of which are derived from the Greek for 'horse'). You have to be seriously into horses to start naming your kids after them.

This will hopefully be the first of many ugly horses to grace the comic in the coming weeks. Look out for more! Now that I've proven I can do it, I won't stop...
  My mouth was a broken jpeg! I had no choice!  
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