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  117 - Detained  
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05/09/08 I want to ride my bicycle
One term that I've never really understood is "detained at Her Majesty's pleasure", which in the UK is official-speak for being in prison. Now, I think that imprisoning criminals is probably a good idea, but the term seems to imply that the Queen derives actual pleasure from the thought of people being locked up. Which might well be the case, but if she's really intent on describing her personal fantasies to us, I don't think she has much of a right to complain about the press invading her privacy.

Yesterday I rediscovered a Flash game that brought me a lot of enjoyment when I first discovered it a few years ago. It's called Nanaca Crash, and if launching boys into the air with bicycles is your thing, and keeping them there with repeated vicious blows is also your thing, then I suggest you investigate it forthwith!
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