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  114 - First Defy  
  First Defy  
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27/08/08 Apparently I like Wednesdays
Apparently I'm also prepared to have an entirely ungrammatical comic title just so long as it's a Melt-Banana reference.

As promised, I've decided on the name for... well, her, in the first panel with Androdameia and Eutropia. Thanks for your suggestions, and I finally decided to opt for Hypsipyle, which was suggested by Amber Palowakski. The runner-up was Theseis, suggested by starcat, which I very nearly went with. Unfortunately there is no runner-up prize, so I'm not sure why I mentioned it.

Anyway, Hypsipyle's character page is being worked on, along with all the requisite art that I have to do every time I add another one of these things. I have at least finished her sprite, though!


So, in conclusion... a late comic, no new character art, but given five days I might just produce a single sprite.

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