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  111 - It Only Gets Wilder!  
  It Only Gets Wilder!  
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15/08/08 oh, alright then, 16/08/08
But this comic is still technically on time if you happen to be in Utah or areas west thereof. No, I'm not in Utah, but I'd prefer to be!

So, this comic once again features the guardswoman who has appeared in some previous comics. I like her design, and I decided that if I'm going to have Amazons popping up doing various low-level tasks, it might as well be a recurring character. Alas, I haven't been able to choose a name for this character yet. Perhaps you, the readers, can help me? Here is a list of Amazon names, some with descriptions of mythical Amazons who bore that particular name. Post your preferred name to the shoutbox, along with a justification, and the best combination will be used to name our long-suffering, low-level security-grunt-Amazon!

Not often this comic becomes interactive, is it? You'd think we were on the internet or something...
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