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  11 - Cyrene's Odyssey, Part One  
  Cyrene's Odyssey, Part One  
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  15/06/07 True to the Original Fiction  
Sometimes, the Greek myths themselves provide the best source material. This comic is based on a true story: although when I say true, I mean true in a mythological sense... i.e., fictitious. There was indeed a legend concerning a group of Amazons who efficiently killed their captors, only to find themselves on a boat that they had no idea how to control. I've no idea what the propaganda purpose of that particular myth was (Women can't navigate, perhaps?), but it's one I've always liked, if only because it rings true for... well, pretty much everyone. At some point in our lives, we will all find ourselves in a situation where our years of training and expertise in our chosen field... be it science, accountancy, or killing males, is rendered useless as we find ourselves in a situation that we never could have anticipated. Just hope that the situation is something like being coerced into playing Dance Dance Revolution when you're really bad at it, as opposed to being stranded on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean.

We will return to the young Cyrene and her followers next time, for the exciting conclusion of this adventure. Possibly featuring Majel Barrett saying "And now, the conclusion" in her soulless Starfleet computer-style voice. Be there, or be mercilessly killed!
  Darling darling Fergi, I just can't find the worgy, to say how much I lurgy.  
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