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  101 - You Can't Go Home Again, Part Two  
  You Can't Go Home Again, Part Two  
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11/07/08 Action and Drama
Doing drama feels weird. Suddenly I'm acutely aware of all the flaws in my art. When you're doing comedy, it doesn't seem to matter that much, but when you're doing drama, it's like you're demanding that people take you seriously, dammit! And it's hard to take a comic seriously when the art is dumb and cartoony. That's why the Beano* has cartoony art and gets away with it, while it wouldn't go down so well in Ultimate Crisis of Superman Vs Batman and an Infinite Number of Monkeys**, or whatever the cool kids are reading these days.

On Monday we'll see the third and final part of this story, which will hopefully be a little lighter and less depressing. Seriously, I couldn't do this on a constant basis. I'd end up psychologically scarred or something. My poor, fragile mind...

* Given that less than one in ten of the visitors to this site are from the UK, this has probably only resulted in confusion.

** You know, I should probably read more American comics. I just wish there was more of the lighter stuff than the gut-wrenching angst that seems to prevail (he says, ignoring the comic he himself produced today). If they gave Squirrel Girl her own series, I'd be all over it. She's one of the most awesome characters ever created.
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