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  10 - She's Got Spies  
  She's Got Spies  
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  11/06/07 Now We are Ten  
What's this I see? Plot? In my comic? Surely not!

While it may not have been evident up until now, there will be an ongoing story in this comic, albeit (I sincerely hope) not at the expense of the humour. I am fully aware that humorous comics developing complex and intricate plots often veer off into the Land of the Humourless, so I'll do my best to steer clear of that. But who knows? Perhaps one day this comic will be the Funky Winkerbean of the ancient world. That would suck. Unless, of course, it was also being syndicated like Wanky Cancerbean, in which case the vast amounts of money would be some consolation for writing day after day of depressing crap.

And finally... this is the comic's tenth edition! Are you impressed? You shouldn't be, it's not really an achievement. But reaching ten comics is a hurdle towards acceptance in the world of webcomics... For instance, I can now be listed with the big boys over at Just another step on the long road in search of readers...
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