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  A Winterval's Tale, Part Two  
  A Winterval's Tale, Part Two  
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A Winterval's Tale, Continued  
Some time ago I was accused of spreading feminist propaganda, so it's a fun experience to actually try and do it.

The Amnisiades nymphs are another bit of obscure mythology that I've appropriated and distorted stupidly to suit my own purposes. They're described as Artemis' underlings, and their specific duty seems to have been to take care of her herd of sacred deer. As such, their attire would probably be something more suited to the task of sacred poop-shovelling. However, this story is based on a specifically Amazon interpretation of Artemis. To Amazons, having a group of eternally obedient, young and beautiful servants and not sleeping with them would be a very difficult concept indeed.

Next time, we'll discover exactly what Artemis has planned for Artopolis, because we all know that when the Gods intervene in the affairs of mortals, everything always works out really well.


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